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Trezor Advanced Security Measures

Advanced security measures

Tor in Trezor Suite

Protect your privacy by using Tor in Trezor Suite

Trezor Password Manager

Generate and store complex passwords with Trezor password manager

Encrypt PIN with MicroSD card

Learn how to use the SD card Slot on your Trezor Model T to encrypt the PIN

Create wipe code to erase device

Create a self-destruct wipe code to erase your device upon entry

Trezor Connect

What is Trezor Connect and how does it work with my device?

What is GPG?

Learn about using GPG with Trezor to encrypt and decrypt files

Udev rules

Learn about the Udev rules and how to install them

Create a wallet with Shamir Backup

A step-by-step manual for creating a new wallet utilizing the Shamir backup feat...

What is U2F?

Learn how to use your Trezor device as a U2F hardware security token

Trezorctl on MacOS

Install and use trezorctl on MacOS

Seedless Setup

Learn about Trezor seedless setups for MulitSig

What is Shamir backup?

Learn how to use the Shamir backup feature on your Trezor Model T

SSH with Trezor

Learn how to use SSH with your Trezor device

Trezorctl on Windows

Install and use trezorctl on Windows.

Recover a wallet with Shamir backup

A simple step-by-step manual for recovering an existing wallet utilizing the Sha...

What is FIDO2?

Learn about FIDO2 passwordless authentication with Trezor Model T

Using trezorctl commands

What is coinjoin?

Learn about coinjoin transactions in Trezor Suite

Coinjoin in Trezor Suite

Learn how to use coinjoin in Trezor Suite and take back control of your privacy.

Coinjoin FAQs

Coinjoin FAQs

Unlocking the bootloader on Trezor Safe 3

Learn about unlocking the bootloader on Trezor Safe 3 to install custom firmware