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User data protection

SatoshiLabs has always had a strict policy in handling customer data. Generally, SatoshiLabs does not store any data about its users' devices, activity or personal data. 

Read more on our blog about the  SatoshiLabs security manifesto.
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  • Trezor device packaging barcode
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Trezor device

SatoshiLabs does not track any of its devices so the device and all of its hardware is never connected to the user and completely interchangeable.


Trezor device packaging barcode

Trezor device packaging has a barcode on its backside (for Trezor Model T down on the bottom of the package). This barcode is specific for the product and is usually only relevant for warehouses and customs offices.


Trezor device packaging QR code

The QR code on the side of packaging is unique, it specifies the origin of the device included in package (batch number, day of manufacturing). In other words, it only provides information about distribution channels. QR code is not connected to device by any mean and after unboxing it can not be tied to any device or user.


Trezor Suite

  • SatoshiLabs does not permanently log any user data.
  • Trezor Suite only stores user data locally (Labels can be stored on Dropbox, or users can choose to store them locally)
  • Wallet addresses, XPUB etc are only used in real time, i.e., transmitted to the backends whilse using your Trezor device.
  • If you opt in to anonymous data collection, this is only ever used for development purposes.
  • You can read more about anonymous analytics in the Trezor documentation.

Orders and privacy policy

SatoshiLabs intentionally damages order data including name, address and telephone number. 

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