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Crypto payment issues

It is possible to pay for an order using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, Ethereum or Litecoin.

If you completed and paid for your order with cryptocurrency and it was canceled, one of the following issues may have occurred:

Insufficient amount
The service or wallet you used to send the payment has deducted fees from the final amount, so the full price has not been paid. This can happen when paying from an exchange. Please contact us via our chatbot Hal to request a refund.

Overpaid amount
If your order was overpaid, please contact us via our chatbot Hal.

Paid after timeout
Currently, our system accepts payments received within 15 minutes of requesting the payment.

If the transaction arrives after the 15-minute window, you should contact us to request a refund.

Unconfirmed transaction
Setting a low transaction fee for crypto transactions might take longer for the transaction to confirm and may not be received in time. If your payment does not confirm, increase the fee or place a new order.

When paying for your order with crypto you can create a temporary wallet online and transfer your Bitcoin funds from an exchange to your wallet.

Once you've done that, you should be able to process the payment from your wallet instantaneously, without risking an underpaid or outdated payment.

Once you complete payment on Confirmo payment gateway, bookmark the page, as you can use it later to check on your payment status.

If you have your Confirmo crypto payment URL, you can apply for a refund yourself using the same link that you used to pay. The URL starts with and once clicked on the Request refund button, you will need to fill in your preferred address where you would like the refund sent.

If you do not have that payment URL, please reach out to us via our chatbot Hal so we can assist you further.


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