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Trezor Suite update December 2022

To download and install the latest update, simply open Trezor Suite and proceed using the on-screen instructions. If you’re not yet using Trezor Suite, download it for free from

Please note that updates roll out in stages and you may not be prompted to update for several days after this announcement. Be the first to try new features by joining the Trezor Suite Early Access Program. Switch it on in Application Settings!

The December 2022 update of Trezor Suite to 22.12 brings the following improvements:

Add labels on CSV Import

When importing a CSV file to send a batch of transactions, you can now specify a label for each transaction as well as address, amount and currency.

To import transactions, create a new spreadsheet or text document and enter the transaction details in the format address,amount,currency,label, one transaction per line.

For example:

Once your list is complete, simply save the file as .csv and import it to Trezor Suite from the dropdown menu on the send page.

Clearnet addresses on Tor

To reduce the impact of ongoing attacks on the Tor network , Trezor Suite will now default to using the clearnet address to connect to backends, instead of the onion address. This is expected to be a temporary fix until the network stability improves.

Users can manually revert this change by enabling a custom backend and entering the onion address there.

Pick from our list of our backends and replace the part with


For example, becomes

Non-bitcoin bugfixes

  • Spending Litecoin that was received via MWEB (MimbleWimble) is now supported. Spending to a MimbleWimble address is not supported.
  • Over 90 million Dogecoin can now be spent at once, if you have it.
  • ERC20 tokens now display the currency code and name correctly again.

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