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Get started with the Trezor Safe 5

This article walks you through the process of initalizing your Trezor Safe 5 hardware wallet for use with Trezor Suite.

What you'll need

  • Trezor Safe 5 + USB connecting cable
  • Trezor Suite desktop app (alternatively you can use Trezor Suite for web)
  • Wallet backup (recovery seed) card and a pen
  • About 20 minutes


  • Trezor Suite will prompt you to connect your device. You’ll also have the option to opt in or out of anonymous data collection — this isn’t mandatory, but it helps us with bug fixes and performance improvements, so we recommend allowing it.
  • Once your device is connected, you’ll be asked to do a quick security check. Before setting up your Trezor, you should check that the packaging is intact and that the holographic seal has not been tampered with.

If there's any sign of tampering, do not use the device! Please contact us via our chatbot Hal and we will arrange for a replacement device.
  • Once you're sure everything is present and correct, click Set up my Trezor:
  • Your Trezor is shipped without firmware, so the first step is to install the latest version simply by clicking the Install firmware button:
  • Once firmware installation is completed, click on Continue:
  • You will then see the 'Let's check your device' screen; this important step helps confirm that your Trezor Safe 5 is genuine and safe to use. To begin, click on Start:
  • Your Trezor will display the 'Authenticate device' screen; swipe up and then tap to confirm to continue.
  • After successful device authentication, click on Continue:

  • In the next step you should choose Create new wallet if this is your first time setting up your Trezor.
  • You can only use the Recover wallet option if you already have a wallet backup (recovery seed), which can be used to restore access to existing accounts.
  • After selecting Create new wallet, you can choose between Single-share Backup or Multi-share Backup. Here we will show the Single-share Backup method; Multi-share Backup is discussed in a separate article.
  • After selecting Single-share Backup you’ll then need to confirm the action on your device:
  • After you’ve created your wallet, you can then Continue to backup:
  • You’ll then be prompted to confirm that you understand the backup instructions. Once these all have a green check mark, you can hit Create backup:
  • Swipe up on your TS5 to confirm you understand the wallet backup instructions; you will then need to write down all 20 words of your backup accurately, and in the correct order.
  • Your TS5 will now display a list of words generated from the SLIP39 word list, which serve as your backup. It's essential to record these words in the correct sequence, and we recommend using the provided wallet backup (recovery seed) cards to do so.
  • Once you’ve completed this step, hold to confirm using your TS5 touchscreen.
This information is the most important part of securing your Trezor and your crypto. Do not share this information with anyone, and keep it safely stored offline.
  • You then need to check your backup is correct by selecting the requested words from your backup, as instructed by your Trezor.
  • With the wallet backup complete, you can proceed with setting up a PIN to protect your device from unauthorized physical access; in the ‘Wallet backup complete’ window, select Continue to PIN:

Using a strong PIN protects your Trezor from unauthorized physical access. We recommend using at least 4 digits, but your PIN can be a maximum of 50 digits.
  • On the next screen, select Set PIN:

  • Your Trezor will prompt you with the question 'Turn on PIN protection?' To confirm, swipe up on the TS5 touchscreen.
  • Enter your new PIN directly on the Trezor Safe 5.
You should also keep a safe offline copy of your PIN, preferably separate from your recovery seed
  • Trezor Suite will show the confirmatory ‘PIN set’ window:
  • Press Continue and you will be directed to the ‘Activate Coins’ window, where you’re free to choose which cryptocurrencies are shown in Trezor Suite. This setting can be changed at any time, along with the other (advanced) settings:
  • Once you’re happy with your selection of active coins, click Complete setup and you’re all done!
  • For a more personal experience, you can choose a name for your Trezor Safe 5 and even change the homescreen wallpaper. Both actions must be confirmed on the Trezor Safe 5 device. Once you are done, click on Access Suite to get started:
  • The first thing you’ll be asked to do is ‘Select wallet type’. At this stage, you probably just want to get up to speed with the features of Trezor Suite, so we recommend selecting the ‘Standard wallet’ option, which is not passphrase protected.

To enhance the privacy and security of your crypto assets, we recommend using the passphrase feature, which allows you to create unique hidden wallets and control access to them, without requiring a second hardware wallet or wallet backup (recovery seed). This means your funds are safe, even if your backup is compromised. You can read more about the passphrase feature in the Trezor Knowledge Base or on the Trezor blog.

  • After choosing the wallet type, you’re in Trezor Suite and your wallet is ready to use:

That’s it! Your Trezor Safe 5 is set up and ready to use.

If your device is new and yet appears to be initialized, do not proceed. Instead, please contact us via our chatbot Hal to request a replacement device.
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