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Recover wallet on Model One

'Recovery' refers to the process of using a recovery seed to restore and enable access to your existing accounts.

This guide will help you recover a wallet on your Trezor Model One using Trezor Suite. 

Do not enter your recovery seeds anywhere unless the physical Trezor device instructs you to do so, and you confirm your choice on your Trezor. Only trust the instructions on your Trezor device.
  • If you have a new and/or empty Trezor Model One, you can restore an existing wallet using your recovery seed.
If you’re locked out of your Trezor because you’ve forgotten your PIN, or you wish to load a different seed onto your device, your first need to wipe the device and then proceed with the recovery process (see below)


  • During the second stage of setting up your Trezor Model One (the first stage is installing the firmware), choose the ‘Recover wallet’ option:
  • After selecting ‘Recover wallet’ you will see the ‘Recover wallet from seed’ window, which will ask you to select the number of words in your recovery seed (the default for the Trezor Model One is 24)
  • You can then choose between either ‘Standard recovery’ or ‘Advanced recovery’. Here we will discuss the ‘Standard recovery’ process (the ‘Advanced recovery’ process is set out here)
  • After selecting ‘Standard recovery’ you’ll be asked to press the Confirm button on the device:
  • Once you’ve done this, you will then need to enter the words from your seed in the order displayed on your Trezor in the input field of the ‘Recover wallet from seed’ window:
  • Once you’ve entered all of the words correctly, you’ll be notified that the recovery was successful. To proceed, click on Continue:
  • After completing the remaining steps of the setup, you’ll be able to access the crypto funds held in the wallet associated with this particular Recovery Seed phrase.

What if I'm using an initialized Trezor Model One?

If you’re locked out of your device because you’ve forgotten your PIN, or you wish to load a different recovery seed onto your device, you’ll need to wipe the device first by performing a factory reset. This introduces some small but important changes to the look of the initialization processes described above.

  • If you’ve forgotten your PIN then you’ll need to wipe the device in bootloader mode. In this case, the firmware is removed along with all other private information including the PIN and recovery seed. As this restores the device to it’s original factory condition, the initialization process is the same as for a brand new device.
  • If you know your PIN and wipe the device in Suite, you’ll still remove all of your private data (including PIN and recovery seed) but the firmware is not removed. In this case, the initialization process looks a little different
  • Once you’ve connected your device, the first ‘Security check’ window now looks like this:
  • The message displayed now tells you that firmware is already installed on the device you’ve just connected.
If you've never used the device, and firmware is already installed, do not proceed with the setup! Instead, unplug the device and contact Customer Support to arrange a replacement.
  • If you’ve already used the device and are sure that it’s safe to proceed, click Setup Trezor and you will then see the ‘Firmware ready’ confirmation dialogue:
  • Now click on Continue and you will see the same options as above, i.e., ‘Create new wallet’ and ‘Recover wallet’
  • From here, the process is the same as described above.
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