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Refund process

If you paid for your order using cryptocurrency, the refund will be processed in BTC.
To protect us against speculation, the Bitcoin amount returned to you will be calculated based on the Bitcoin exchange rate at the time of the refund being processed.

For example, if your order came to 219 euros and you paid with Bitcoin, you would be refunded 219 euros worth of Bitcoin at the current exchange rate, not the rate at the time of placing the order.

All you need to do is to provide us with a valid BTC receiving address where we can send the refund to.

Crypto refunds are processed once a week, typically on Tuesdays.

If you purchased your Trezor device and accessories with a debit or credit card and paid in Euros, the refund will be credited back to your payment card in Euros. These refunds take up to 3 business days after the request.


If you require a refund, please contact us via our chatbot Hal who will help resolve your issue.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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