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Order shipping notification

Once the package containing your order ships out, you will receive an email notification including your tracking details together with your invoice.

If you don't receive the tracking information within 4 days of successful payment, please check your spam folder.

If you still cannot locate the details, contact Trezor support via our chatbot Hal and our support team will forward you the tracking details personally.

Please provide us with one of the following:

Order ID

  • Your order number can be found in the order confirmation email
Example: 1675556666

Payment ID

  • The payment ID is provided by the payment gateway and can vary based on the method of payment.

For Confirmo cryptocurrency payments, the payment ID always starts with inv: invld831573e

For card payments the payment ID is a string of 16 characters: BMNW585W43VMPPG2

We will get back to you with tracking details as soon as we can.


If you require further assistance, please contact us via our chatbot Hal who will help resolve your issue.