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How to Get Started

  • Sign up for a Crowdin account, if you don't have one yet
  • Once back on the Trezor Suite translation project page, click on a language you'd like to translate into
  • Select the master.json file
  • You'll be taken into the Crowdin Editor, where you can suggest new translations and vote on the existing ones

Read more about the Crowdin Editor and how to use it.


Crowdin InContext

Crowdin In-context is a nifty feature that allows you to translate and edit strings straight from Suite. This is especially handy because you can better see and understand the context around a string.

How to enable it:

  • Keep in mind, that this feature only works on the web version of Suite!
  • Go to and connect your Trezor
  • Go to Settings -> Application
  • Rapidly click on the Settings heading several times
  • Select Debug which should have appeared
  • Enable Translation mode and log into your Crowdin account

After following the steps above, you should notice that a yellow warning banner has appeared confirming that the translation mode is on.

All strings should now have a rectangular outline. The color of the outline indicates the translation state of the string.

Red outline means the string is untranslated.

Blue outline means the string has been translated, but not yet approved.

Green outline means the string has been approved.

Click the Edit badge


A translation window will pop up, where you can translate the string and see how it looks in Suite right away.


General translation guidelines and recommendations

  • Please translate each string as precisely as possible. Keeping the original meaning is important.
  • Please do not make duplicate translations. Check if someone else has already translated before you and use the upvote button if you like their translation, or add your own translation if you have an original idea!
  • We generally prefer formal (rather than informal) language. Please avoid slang or vulgar terms.
  • We recommend keeping track of how you translated individual words and phrases. This will keep the translation consistent.
  • Please do not translate “Trezor”,“Trezor Company”, “Invity” or “SatoshiLabs”.
  • If context for any string is unclear or confusing, please tag @alex.j in the issue.
  • If you find a string in Suite that is missing in Crowdin, please tag @alex.j in the issue.
  • Different languages have different rules for grammatical agreement with quantity. Crowdin supports various plural forms, and you can read how to use them here. However, if the correct plural form in your language is missing in any string, please tag @alex.j in the issue.
  • Using automatic translations in the Suggestions tab can speed up your work.


Translating text containing code

You will often come across strings which contain placeholders, HTML tags or some other parts of code. In that case, translate only the textual elements and leave the placeholders and tags as they are. For example, in the following sentence, you would only translate the words "changed from" and "to".

<b>{{key}}</b> changed from <b>{{old}}</b> to <b>{{new}}</b>

Below is a list of the most frequent cases that you might come across when translating text containing code:


Transaction {{hash}} was successfully sent.

The content in the curly brackets (in this case "hash") stands for a variable. In this case, never change the {{variable}}. However, you can move it around to suit your translated sentence. Please keep in mind that the variable will be replaced by a different word.


Should you have any questions, please tag @alex.j in the respective issue or string. Or email us at [email protected]

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