Own your data likea boss with Trezor

What’s yours, is yours. Keep and control your crypto offline with Trezor. Our hardware wallets protect your identity and coins.

Online exchanges

You don’t fully own your crypto
Exchanges pose a high risk of breaches and hacks
Your personal info and crypto data is stored online
Your wallet backup is at risk when stored online
If an exchange fails, you’ll lose all your coins

Go offline with Trezor

Keep your coins and data fully under your control
Avoid risks—your wallet is completely offline
Stay private—Trezor wallets don’t collect identifying data
Generate and store your wallet backup offline
Take full control—no reliance on others for access to your funds

Security from day one

We bleed security, so do our devices. We take every measure to eliminate any space for unauthorized activities within our wallets. Once a Trezor is in your hands, the torch of responsibility is passed to you, ensuring the ongoing security of your wallet.

Open-source design
Open-source design

Benefit from community-testing, giving users protection from threats.

Data policy
Data policy

All customer data is deleted or anonymized 90 days after purchase on the Trezor Shop.

Product confidence
Product confidence

Security seals ensure packaging and Trezor wallets are tamper-evident.

Device security
Device security

All Trezors are shipped without preloaded software for your safety.

Secure access
Secure access

Trezor wallets have locks in place to keep out any unwanted visitors.

Transaction security
Transaction security

All transactions are explicitly confirmed directly on Trezor device.


Set up a passphrase for added Trezor wallet security.

Secure Element
Secure Element

Add an extra layer of security built directly into your Trezor device.

NDA-free design
NDA-free design

Our hardware design is completely transparent. We have no secrets.

Wallet backup
Wallet backup

Regain access to your coins in case of device theft, damage, or loss.

From design to device,you're protectedall the way

Wallet backup
Wallet backupRecover your coins with a backup
Open-source design
Open-source designExperience community-tested security
Device protection
Device protectionMake your Trezor untouchable

Security & privacy your way with the Trezor Suite app

Discover the app

Tor network

Make it more difficult to trace your internet activity with Tor, an open-source software that enables anonymous communication.

Coin control

Get more control and enhance privacy when sending funds. Manually select specific coins to use for outgoing transactions.


Taproot enhances bitcoin safety, privacy & network efficiency.

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Features of Trezor Suite app

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Trezor is the world's first and most secure #cryptocurrency hardware wallet because your info is kept safe...
The gold standard for wallet security is still @Trezor. Open source, hardened, trusted with billions...
Still the best #bitcoin wallet @Trezor
Trezor user

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Our philosophy

We believe that crypto security and accessibility can make the world a better, more just place.


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