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Stick & Slush

Trezor co-founders

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Crypto-industry pioneer

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Trezor emerged from the chaos of online exchanges that just couldn't keep up. We realized it was time to step up the security game against online attacks and malicious apps.

Our founders, Stick and Slush, teamed up to create, advance, and revolutionize an entirely new industry, bringing about a complete about-face from traditional, online crypto storage and management.

With an independent and open-minded approach to development, Stick and Slush transformed their humble beginnings to an industry leader with a solid team of security experts, designers, and support staff. The final result is Trezor today, further pushing the envelope of crypto security, hardware wallet innovation, and global bitcoin adoption.

With Trezor in your corner, you a have a true haven to stash and use your coins exactly the way you want. Our sister companies stand united, providing peer-to-peer crypto transactions, auditable open-source chip solutions, and exceptional crypto offers.

Ready to be the boss of your financial future? Welcome to Trezor.

Innovating since 2013

Trezor logo

Trezor founded

The idea of a hardware wallet is cemented & Trezor is off to the races.

BIP39 & BIP44

BIP39 & BIP44

Industry standards for improved wallet usability, security & user experience.

Model One

Model One

The world’s first hardware wallet for an unrivaled level of crypto security.

Model T

Model T

The next generation Trezor, fueled by innovative development, is released.

Shamir Backup

Shamir Backup

A revolution in creating, using, storing, and protecting your wallet backup.



Industry standard for improved wallet usability, security & user experience.

Trezor Suite app for desktop

Trezor Suite app for desktop

A secure crypto app to manage coins safely with a connected Trezor device.

Trezor Suite Lite app for mobile

Trezor Suite Lite app for mobile

A crypto-mobile experience to track and keep control over coins on the go.

Trezor Safe 3

Trezor Safe 3

The next generation of hardware wallets with Secure Element protection.

Trezor Expert

Trezor Expert

1:1 onboarding session to help users set up their Trezors with confidence.

Trezor Safe 5

Trezor Safe 5

Crypto convenience with a vibrant color touchscreen & haptic feedback.

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We're all about
safety & security

We've transformed crypto security from a complex puzzle to a user-friendly playground. We're aiming is to shape a world that's not only better but also just.

Company tile Made for Bitcoin
Made for Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the most resilient cryptocurrency available. Our products are designed to make Bitcoin approachable & user-friendly.
Company tile Protecting your rights
Protecting your rights
Exercise your freedom to buy, sell, trade & pay with absolute confidence using Trezor hardware wallets & the Trezor Suite app.
Company tile Building financial independence
Building financial independence
Work with your finances exactly how you want. Take a true hands-on approach & literally carry access to your assets wherever you go.
Company tile Creating a secure ecosystem
Creating a secure ecosystem
Manage, store & use your crypto within the inclusive Trezor environment for complete financial privacy & security.
Company tile Innovating industry-wide standards
Innovating industry-wide standards
Trezor is responsible for several key crypto innovations including SLIP39, pushing the envelope in hardware wallet security.
Company tile Designing security in the open world
Designing security in the open world
Trezor products use open-source designs for transparent verification and community-tested security against real-world threats.

The team behindyour wallet

We’re a mixed bag of crypto enthusiasts, design gurus, security genies, and true-believers in the bitcoin movement.

The magic happens at our Prague offices where ideas flourish, becoming practical concepts and prototypes. Through rigorous cycles of development, testing, and iteration, only the finest earn the Trezor name.

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