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Strengthening individual power & independence

Strengthening individual power & independence

100% self-owned

Independent decision-making and development

10+ years

Crypto-security experience

Delivering security

Global innovator of crypto hardware wallets

Trezor was born out of the notion that online exchanges and wallets could never provide the level of security necessary to protect against the constant onslaught of online attacks. Trezor eliminates the risks of attacks and provides users with a safe, consistent, and worthy solution to store coins with absolute confidence.

Take back the power to control your financial future with Trezor.

Innovating since 2013


Trezor founded

The idea of a hardware wallet cemented and Trezor was off to the races.

Model One

Model One

The world’s first hardware wallet gave users an unrivaled level of security.

Model T

Model T

The next generation Trezor, fueled by innovative development, was released.

Trezor Suite desktop app

Trezor Suite desktop app

An entirely secure crypto ecosystem was built to manage coins safely.

Trezor Suite mobile app

Trezor Suite mobile app

The on-the-go mobile app for managing crypto on a user-friendly platform.

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To infinity & beyond

Our fundamental values define who we are

Our mission to make crypto security easy and accessible has been achieved throughadhering to our values, which have shaped our approach to serving customers.

Simplifying Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most resilient cryptocurrency available. Our products are designed to make Bitcoin approachable and user-friendly.

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Protecting your rights

Exercise the freedom to buy, sell, trade, and pay with absolute confidence using Trezor hardware wallets and the Trezor Suite app.

Security & Privacy

Building financial independence

Work with your finances exactly how you want. Take a true hands-on approach and literally carry your assets wherever you go.

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Creating a secure ecosystem

Manage, store, and use your crypto within the inclusive Trezor environment for complete financial privacy and security.

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If you build it, they will come

We created innovative companies to achieve our mission

We couldn’t be more excited about crypto and its future. We’ve devoted our full resources to researching, designing, testing, and releasing products that create the safest, most accessible crypto environment possible.

SatoshiLabs Group

Leading the charge in crypto literacy and security

Fully independent

100% self-owned and funded

Work with us

We’re always on the lookout for adept and creative people to join us in developing products with a real global impact. Enjoy an awesome career, a flexible work environment, and a team of driven colleagues.

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