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Trezor Suite update February 2023

To download and install the latest update, simply open Trezor Suite and proceed using the on-screen instructions. If you’re not yet using Trezor Suite, download it for free from

Please note that updates roll out in stages and you may not be prompted to update for several days after this announcement. Be the first to try new features by joining the Trezor Suite Early Access Program. Switch it on in Application Settings!

The February 2023 update of Trezor Suite to 23.2.1 brings the following improvements:

Improved Tor notifications 

Trezor Suite has added a new feature that notifies users when the Tor network is experiencing a DDoS attack and running slow. This helps users understand why their connection may be slower than usual. 

The Tor Project has been fighting several types of DDoS attacks for months.

We are proud members of the Onion Services Resource Coalition aimed at helping to fund @torproject's defences. Join us in the fight for security & privacy! Learn how you can help.

Coinjoin (Trezor Model T)

Trezor users can now try out our upcoming coinjoin privacy feature on the Bitcoin Testnet in Trezor Suite.

Coinjoin is a tool that that enhances privacy by anonymizing bitcoin transactions: when bitcoin users conduct transactions with one another using coinjoin they obscure the origins and destinations of the funds, greatly enhancing their privacy.

Coinjoin is currently available in debug mode, and is currently undergoing extended closed testing with volunteers from the public.

Learn more about coinjoin in Trezor Suite in our dedicated article

Address poisoning mitigation

Trezor Suite now flags suspicious transactions that may be linked to an address poisoning (or address spoofing) attack, in which scammers target users of Ethereum and EVMs such as Binance Smart Chain or Polygon.

Address poisoning attacks attempt to trick users into transferring their assets to a fraudulent address that looks very similar to the intended recipient’s address.

Although we cannot stop individuals from sending transactions to your address on a public blockchain, Suite will help you recognize such attacks, and remind you to proceed very carefully.

Learn more about address poisoning attacks in our dedicated article.

Fresh change addresses with multiple pending transactions

In order to prevent the reuse of change addresses when multiple transactions are pending, Trezor Suite now ensures that a new change address is also automatically generated when a previous transaction is not confirmed.

This improvement to the change address protocol helps maintain the privacy of your transactions.
Learn more about change addresses in our dedicated article

Replace by fee in Taproot

We have implemented a bug fix for the replace by fee (bump fee) feature for Taproot accounts in Trezor Suite.

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