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Moving from Coinbase to Trezor

Learn how to get started if you've bought a Trezor hardware wallet and are ready to get your crypto off Coinbase so that you can HODL safely. 

Follow this step-by-step guide to moving your crypto from Coinbase to your Trezor

  • Connect your Trezor and open Trezor Suite.
  • Input your PIN to unlock your Trezor
  • In the left column, select the account where you want to receive the crypto, and then select Receive
Make sure you do not send or receive transactions to addresses generated for a different cryptocurrency, e.g. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to a Bitcoin (BTC) address.
  • Click Show full address
  • Confirm on your Trezor that the address shown in Trezor Suite matches the one shown on your Trezor device. 
  • After confirming you will be able to copy the address or use the QR code (for instance if you are using the Coinbase mobile application). 
  • Log in to Coinbase
  • In the top menu bar select Send & Receive
  • Select Pay with and choose the cryptocurrency that you want to send to your Trezor. You can find a list of supported coins here.
  • Paste the address you copied from Trezor Suite in the 'To' field
  • Write an optional note
  • Click Continue