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Trezor Keep Metal FAQs

This FAQ page addresses the most common questions regarding Trezor Keep Metal. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us via our chatbot Hal, who will help resolve your issue.

Is it possible to reuse my Trezor Keep Metal (use it for another recovery seed)?

Once you’ve recorded a recovery seed on the Trezor Keep Metal, the material is indelibly marked. This means you can use your Trezor Keep Metal to store a backup of one recovery seed.

How many words does the new Trezor Keep Metal support?

The standard Trezor Keep Metal can be used to store one 12-word recovery seed. Advanced users may opt for the Trezor Keep Metal Shamir Backup edition, which allows you to store three 20-word recovery seeds. Additional Shamir Backup devices may be purchased to expand the number of wordlists in your wallet backup to 16.

There is only a 12-word model in the Trezor online store. Where is the 24-word version?

The 24-word version of Trezor Keep Metal is available via our official resellers.

Is there a comprehensive video explaining how to use the Trezor Keep Metal?

Yes, we've recently recorded a video on how to use your new Trezor Keep Metal! We’re constantly improving our educational content, and we will keep working on new informative videos to keep you updated with the latest features and how to use them.

How can I remember the complete word if I am only recording partial words on my Trezor Keep Metal?

The BIP39 word list was created in such a way that only the first 4 letters are required to unambiguously identify a word. Similar words (e.g. built and build) have also been avoided to reduce the risk of error when entering the words on your Trezor device, and so that it’s easier to remember your word list if you’re committing it to memory.
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