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Upgrading to Multi-share Backup

If you’ve decided it’s time to boost your personal security standards, adopting Multi-share Backup is a giant leap in achieving just that!

Multi-share Backup is supported on Trezor Model T, Safe 3, and Safe 5.

Depending on your current Trezor setup, there are different routes to getting set up with Multi-share Backup:

I have a brand new Trezor Safe 3 or Trezor Safe 5

If you're just unboxing a new Trezor that's compatible with Multi-share Backup, you can even bypass the upgrade process and dive straight in to a Multi-share setup. Select Multi-share Backup during the device initialization and follow the on-screen and on-device instructions:
You can get started straight away by following our detailed step-by-step guide to creating a wallet with Multi-share Backup.

I’m already using Single-share Backup on my Trezor

If you’re already setup your Trezor with a 20-word Single-share Backup, you can upgrade to Multi-share Backup directly via Trezor Suite settings:

  • Go to Settings > Device
  • Select Create Multi-share Backup:

  • Follow the on-screen and on-device instructions.
Note that when upgrading from Single-share to Multi-share Backup, you are effectively creating an additional backup for the same seed (same accounts, addresses etc). This means that your original Single-share Backup is still valid, and so should be kept safe and secure.

I have a 12-word wallet backup with my Trezor Model T / Safe 3

If you’re already using a 12-word wallet backup (recovery seed), the process is more complicated. As you will be migrating from one standard to another (i.e., BIP39 to SLIP39) your wallet will be set up using a different seed. This means you will have to migrate your funds carefully from one seed to another, which entails multiple steps.


Ensure you confirm you current wallet backup (recovery seed) before doing anything else.

The step-by-step process required for ‘indirectly’ upgrading from BIP39 to Multi-share Backup is as follows:

Now that you’ve created a Multi-share Backup (for a new seed) you can transfer the funds from your original seed to the new one. The steps for doing so are outlined in our Move crypto to a wallet with a new seed article.

I am already using Shamir Backup

To create additional Multi-share Backup(s) directly via Trezor Suite settings, you require either:

If you have already set up a Shamir wallet prior to the June 2024 release of Trezor Suite, it is not possible to create additional Multi-share Backups via the Trezor Suite settings menu (as outline above).

Your original Shamir backup remains safe and valid.

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