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What is Trezor Keep Metal?

Trezor Keep Metal: the mistake-proof backup solution

Ensuring your recovery seed backup is safe is the most essential part of practicing self-custody of your crypto assets. Luckily, we've made the most important step of getting set up with cold storage easier than ever before. Introducin Trezor Keep Metal:

Trezor Keep Metal is an easy-to-use robust backup solution, tailor-made to store your recovery seed securely. It offers a user-friendly and efficient process for backing up the critical recovery information of your hardware wallet. The capsule is crafted meticulously with aerospace-grade stainless steel, ensuring the safety of your recovery seed under any conditions. The sleek black surface treatment not only adds a stylish aesthetic, but significantly enhances corrosion resistance, promising long-lasting protection for your recovery seed.


What is it Used For?

Trezor Keep Metal is designed to protect your recovery seed backup from physical damage and unauthorized access. It is designed to safeguard your critical information against potential threats like fire, water, acids, and impacts, ensuring your crypto is secure now and in the future.

Every Trezor hardware wallet ships with a couple of recovery seed cards: these should be used to jot down the words in your recovery seed when you first set up your device. This is fine for the short term, but if you’re serious about protecting your crypto, you need to be serious about protecting your recovery seed. This is where the Trezor Keep Metal has you covered!

Features of Trezor Keep Metal

  • Aerospace-grade stainless steel: crafted with the highest quality materials to resist adverse conditions and protect your recovery seed effectively.
  • Sleek black surface treatment: an added layer of protection against corrosion, retaining the new and polished look for a long duration.
  • Watertight seal: featuring a rubber O-ring that provides a watertight seal to prevent water damage and keep your backup safe.
  • Easy four-letter entry: a simplfied backup process, requiring only the first four letters of each word from your recovery seed.
  • Pre-marking pen and punching tool: a set of high-quality tools designed to eliminate mistakes and promoting precise etching on the metal surface.
  • Tamper-evident stickers: enhance security using stickers that warn of any unauthorized physical access.

Simplify your backup

Trezor Keep Metal embodies convenience and security, promising a user-friendly experience without compromising on the robust protection for your backup. It streamlines the backup process, making it easy and error-free, and is a trusted companion for safeguarding your digital asset.


Whether you are using a 12-word or 24-word standard backup, or are seeking an advanced solution with Shamir Backup, Trezor Keep Metal has you covered. Safeguard your wealth for retirement, your family, or just a rainy day. Trezor Keep Metal offers unparalleled piece of mind when it comes to protecting your crypto.

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