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Want to contribute to Trezor firmware? Great!

You can find the Trezor Firmware repository here. This repository is a so called monorepo, containing several different (yet very related) projects that together form the Trezor Firmware ecosystem.

You can also find the documentation for Trezor Suite here, which provides technical information for Suite developers, third-party wallet developers integrating Trezor, and users interested in implementation details.

Adding a small feature or a fix

If your change is somewhat subtle, feel free to file a pull request (PR) in one of the appropriate repositories directly. See the PR requirements noted at the bottom of this page.

Your PR should follow these criteria:

  • The code is properly tested.
  • Tests must pass on CI.
  • The code is properly formatted. Use make style_check to check the format and make style to do the required changes.
  • The generated files are up-to-date. Use make gen in repository root to make it happen.
  • Commits must have concise commit messages, we endorse Conventional Commits.
  • changelog entry must be part of the pull request.


Please read and follow our review procedure.

Adding a new coin

Forks and derivatives

If the coin you are adding is a fork of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency we already support (in other words, a new app is not needed) you can modify the definitions in the trezor-firmware repository and file a PR. In such a case the coin does not have to be in TOP30 (see below), but we still reserve the right not to include the coin. The location depends on the type of the asset to be added:



At the moment, we do not have the capacity to add new coins that do not fit the aforementioned category. Our current product goal is to unite what we support in firmware and in Trezor Suite, and since firmware is way ahead of Suite, we want to pause for a bit, implement the remaining coins into Suite, and then consider adding new coins. This effectively means that our team will not be accepting any requests to add new cryptocurrencies.