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Trezor device firmware update March 2023

The March 2023 Trezor device firmware update brings the Trezor Model One to firmware version 1.12.1.

Installing the update

To download and apply the update, open Trezor Suite and follow the on-screen instructions.

This particular update consists of two steps (bootloader and firmware installation) so the process may require two confirmations depending on the state of the device.
  • If your Trezor Model One already has firmware installed (i.e., is already initialized) you will have to perform two confirmations on the device.
  • If your Trezor Model One does not already have firmware installed (e.g. the device is brand new or you have performed a factory reset) then you only have to perform one confirmation on the device for both installation steps.
  • Depending on the bootloader & firmware versions currently installed on your Trezor Model One, you may have to unplug and then reconnect your device to complete the process.


The confirmations must always be performed on the device itself. As with any other operation, only trust instructions given by your Trezor.

This firmware update brings the following improvements:


  • Support for Ledger Live legacy derivation path m/44’/coin_type’/0’/account
  • Fee rate now shown even when replacing a transaction
  • Implementation of coinjoin signing in preparation for getting Trezor Model One ready for coinjoin


  • Fee rates specified to 2 decimal places (the same as in Trezor Suite)


  • Stellar addresses shown in full + QR code
  • Ethereum fees are wrapped to the next line when needed
For a full overview of firmware changes for the Trezor Model T device, please check our release notes, which can be viewed on our Github via the link below.

View the full changelog here: firmware version 1.12.1
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