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Introduction to the Trezor Safe 5

Whether you are exploring hardware wallets for the first time or enhancing your existing setup, your journey toward better crypto management starts here. With the Trezor Safe 5, we've created the most convenient hardware wallet to securely manage your crypto:

Since pioneering the world's first hardware wallet over a decade ago, Trezor has been at the forefront of bitcoin and crypto security, continuously innovating to provide the most secure and streamlined user experience. This Trezor Safe 5 not only solidifies our commitment to keeping our users safe, but also introduces a suite of features designed to elevate your interaction with bitcoin and crypto to new heights.

State-of-the-art security

  • NDA-Free EAL 6+ Secure Element: The Trezor Safe 5 utilizes a cutting-edge, NDA-free EAL 6+ Secure Element, providing a transparent and highly secure foundation for safeguarding your crypto. The absence of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) underscores our commitment to openness and trust in our security measures.
  • Multi-share Backup: Protect your assets with the advanced Multi-share Backup scheme, dividing your wallet backup is into multiple individual wordlists (shares), eliminating a single point of failure.
  • PIN and Passphrase Protection: Secure your device with a strong PIN and enhance your security with a passphrase, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. 

User-friendly design

  • Color Touchscreen with Trezor Touch Haptic Engine: Experience seamless convenience with a vibrant color touchscreen and Trezor Touch haptic engine. The visually intuitive interface with tactile feedback makes navigation easy and interactions engaging.
  • Ultimate Gorilla Glass Toughness: The robust all-glass surface with Gorilla Glass provides supreme durability and toughness against scratches and damage, ensuring your device is protected and feels premium.


Integration with the Trezor Ecosystem

  • Trezor Suite Integration: Trezor Safe 5 seamlessly integrates with Trezor Suite desktop and mobile app, providing a cohesive environment for managing your cryptocurrencies. Trezor Suite offers a user-friendly interface for buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies, making your crypto management experience smooth and efficient.
  • Third-Party Service Compatibility: Leverage our extensive network of third-party services to fully customize your crypto experience according to your unique needs.

Proven Security and Privacy

  • 10+ Years of Open-Source Security: Built on over a decade of open-source security and privacy, Trezor Safe 5 provides a battle-tested foundation for your crypto security.

Step into the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency management with the Trezor Safe 5. Experience the peace of mind that comes with unparalleled security, the convenience of advanced technology, and the flexibility to manage a wide range of digital assets. With Trezor, you're not just securing your cryptocurrencies; you're investing in a transformation that makes managing digital assets simple, secure, and empowering. Welcome to a new standard in hardware wallets, where your security and freedom go hand in hand.
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