Trezor device firmware update November 2022

The November 2022 Trezor device firmware updates brings the Trezor Model T to firmware version 2.5.3 and the following improvements:

Detect Missing USB Connection

Your hardware wallet will now display the message NO USB CONNECTION if the USB cable you are using doesn’t allow data transfer, or if your USB port is damaged.

Road to Coinjoin

This firmware version brings infrastructure necessary for the upcoming Bitcoin coinjoin release next year.

Fee Rate When Replacing Transation

The transaction fee rate you will pay is now shown to two decimal places on your device screen.

Zcash Unified Address

Trezor Model T firmware now supports the sending of funds to the new Zcash unified address format.

Cardano CIP-36 and Monero Fixes

External contributors have brought support for Cardano CIP-36 governance registration format, while Monero addresses have been fixed to display properly, and an issue sending transactions to integrated addresses has been fixed.

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