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"Firmware is already installed"

All Trezor devices come without firmware. Make sure you purchased your device directly from our shop and please check the following:


  • For the Trezor Model One, the security hologram is placed on the box.
  • The USB port of the Trezor Model T is covered by a security hologram sticker.
  • The Trezor Safe 3 has the security seal affixed over the USB port.
  • The bootloader verifies the firmware signature. The device only runs if the firmware is correctly signed by SatoshiLabs.
  • Because the recovery seed is generated during Trezor setup, there is no default seed, only the seed you will generate for yourself. 


If your newly purchased Trezor device has pre-installed firmware, please contact Trezor support as soon as possible.

If the device came from us and you want to reinstall the firmware, please wipe the device according to the manual:


The factory reset will wipe the device, including firmware. You can then proceed with a fresh setup.

Make sure you perform the device setup using the official Trezor Suite.

If you did not purchase the device from us, please contact our support team immediately.

If you require further assistance, please contact us via our chatbot Hal who will help resolve your issue.
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