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Trading crypto with Invity

Discover features offered by Invity, and trade directly, comfortably, and securely in Trezor Suite. is, just like Trezor, a member of the SatoshiLabs Group. Their main mission is to facilitate bitcoin and other crypto trading via verified, vetted exchanges, transparently comparing their rates, and guiding both newbies and experts through the whole process.

The services of Invity are directly integrated into Trezor Suite, offering Trezor users a seamless, secure, and comfortable experience when trading and managing their cryptocurrencies.
You can find Invity’s features in the Trade section of your Trezor Suite.

Currently, these features are:


Why should I use Invity to trade?

Invity is responsible for selecting, vetting, and maintaining a list of verified third-party providers, giving you the ability to trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly within Trezor Suite. Along with prioritizing user experience and comfort, security has always been Invity's utmost priority. All providers undergo a thorough security assessment, making Invity one of the safest and most trustworthy ways to manage your coins when combined with the secure integration of Trezor.

A full list of Invity’s providers, along with their associated fees, is available here.

As a rule, only non-custodial exchanges are integrated. That means whatever you buy does not stay on the exchange but has to be immediately transferred to your Trezor—direct into your custody.

What happens when I trade?

Trading in Trezor Suite via Invity is very simple and straightforward.

It is important to note that Trezor does not collect any of your data. You will need to create an account, using an e-mail address only. Past that, Invity does not collect any of your data either.

Most of the Buy providers themselves, however, require some sort of KYC. If you want to buy crypto through these providers, you will have to go through the process while being guided step-by-step. This data exchange happens strictly between you and the provider, and neither Invity nor Trezor can see any of it.

Exchange providers, on the other hand, are mostly fully non-KYC, allowing you to trade between cryptocurrencies freely.

Should you wish to avoid KYC when buying bitcoin completely, check out Invity’s integration of the P2P Buy feature.

Since we integrate only non-custodial exchanges, all the coins you buy will be instantly transferred into your Trezor as soon as the transaction clears.

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