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Orders and shipping

Expected delivery times

All orders are usually processed and handed over to the delivery provider within 1 day. However, estimated delivery times can vary from country to country.

Delivery within the UK and the USA:

Standard shipping

  • Available in both the UK and the USA
  • Delivered by Royal Mail in the UK, USPS and other carriers in the US
  • Delivery takes place within 3 to 5 business days after the order is processed and the package has been dispatched. Packages are fully trackable.

Delivery in Europe and to the rest of the world (except the UK and USA):

Standard shipping

  • Outside the United States and United Kingdom, economy shipping is only available in the EU and several non-EU countries. Tracking information can sometimes prove limited.

    Delivery time may vary between two days to six weeks depending on your location and your national post service.

    A parcel sent via economy shipping can be traced here until it leaves the country of origin. After that, it can be traced on the website of the postal service in your country, if available.


Please note that delivery times are not guaranteed by any courier, as stated in our Terms and conditions  (section 6.1).
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