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Trezor Suite Lite Features

Trezor Suite Lite provides a convenient way to view your cryptocurrency portfolio and receive payments on the go.

Portfolio Tracker

Available to both iOS and Android users, the Portfolio Tracker mode in Trezor Suite Lite shows your balances without having to connect your Trezor. Just sync your coin addresses and you can keep track of your balances wherever you are:

You can also combine coin addresses from multiple wallets or Trezor devices to track your whole portfolio in one place

Checking account balances

View your account balances for all natively supported cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and more.

Receiving cryptocurrencies

Use the app to quickly and easily receive cryptocurrency payments. Select the desired coin and scan the QR code (or copy the address) of the account where you wish to receive it.

For an extra layer of security, use Trezor Suite with your Trezor hardware wallet to verify the receive address

Manage multiple wallets

If you have multiple Trezor hardware wallets, you can sync and view them all right in the mobile app. You can easily switch between your accounts and view balances and transaction histories.

Connected Device on Android

Verify receive addresses on the go

Android users can enjoy enhanced functionality of Trezor Suite Lite on their mobile device. With a Trezor connected and unlocked, it is now possible to verify a Receive address without having to go via the Trezor Suite desktop app:

Trezor Suite Lite is designed to work in conjunction with your hardware wallet, allowing you to manage your cryptocurrency on-the-go. With our handy app, you can stay on top of your cryptocurrency holdings no matter where you are.

When sending transactions you need to use the desktop or web version of Trezor Suite and your Trezor hardware wallet. This includes the web application on Chrome for Android.

Connect & Unlock Trezor Model One using the app

We’ve made life easier for Trezor Model One users, who can now unlock their Trezor via Suite Lite. Just connect your Model One and follow the on-screen prompts to enter your PIN:


Unlock your connected Trezor Model T and Trezor Safe 3 in the usual way, by entering your PIN on the device itself