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Where is my package?

What to do if you shipment from Trezor Shop is delayed

Card payment issues

Troubleshooting steps for issues with card payments on Trezor Shop

Confirmation email not received

What to do if you have not received your conformation email from Trezor Shop

How to cancel an order

Learn how to cancel an order placed on Trezor Shop

Return policy

Learn about Trezor Shop's return policy

Is my coin supported?

Learn which coins are supported by your Trezor device.

I can’t sign my transaction

Common issues related to being unable to sign transactions with your Trezor device

I don’t see my crypto

What to do if you do not see your crypto in the Trezor Suite application

My crypto hasn’t arrived

Common reasons why funds sent to your Trezor have not arrived

Trezor Suite doesn’t see my device

Troubleshooting steps to take if your device is not recognized by Trezor Suite

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Trezor Suite app

Solve your access, funds, and passphrase issues.

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Third Party Wallets

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Pre-order FAQs

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