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Revoke smart contracts and allowances

To interact with smart contracts and dApps, users must use a third-party application like MetaMask. Smart contract/token allowances, or approvals, let dApps access and move tokens in your wallet.

These approvals are necessary for Web3 use, but it's essential to manage them for security.

What does it mean to disconnect or revoke a dApp or smart contract? 

  • Disconnecting stops a dapp from viewing your public address and token balances.
  • Revoking approvals prevents a dapp from accessing your wallet or moving tokens.
Regularly check your token allowances to protect your wallet from potential hackers or scams.


How to revoke or disconnect dApps or smart contracts?

There are numerous third-party applications and platforms available that can assist you in managing and revoking smart contract allowances. By using these tools, you can further protect your wallet and ensure the security of your crypto assets.

For detailed instructions check out this MetaMask article on How to revoke smart contract allowances/token approvals
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