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Web wallets and Trezor

Trezor Chrome extension

The Trezor Chrome extension is a predecessor of Trezor Bridge. The extension can be used across different platforms, but only works with the Chrome web browser.
To facilitate the communication between the Trezor device and the host interface, it is recommended to use Trezor Bridge instead.

The Trezor Chrome extension is now deprecated and works only with the Trezor Model One if you do not have Trezor Bridge installed. It is strongly recommended to use Trezor Bridge and Trezor Suite, as these are regularly updated.

Using the Trezor Chrome extension it is possible to access Trezor management functionality independently of your particular wallet solution. These features include: device initialization, wipe, recovery, changing the PIN and setting up a hidden wallet with a passphrase. The extension also runs on an offline computer.

Beside the device management features, the Trezor Chrome extension serves as the communication layer between your device and online wallets and services. This means that with the extension installed, it is not necessary to install anything else (neither plugin nor bridge) when using your Trezor in combination with the Chrome browser.


WebUSB is an API available in Chrome used for securely providing access to USB devices from web pages.
WebUSB can be used to connect your Trezor device to the Trezor Suite web app. However, to ensure smooth communication, it is recommended to use Trezor Bridge.

Using the Trezor Suite web app with WebUSB is only available for Chrome (including Android mobile devices). All you have to do is plug in your Trezor, open the Trezor Suite website and continue with the setup.
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