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Third party apps and Trezor

In addition to Trezor Suite, you can use your Trezor device with an increasing number of independent cryptocurrency wallets and online services.

We believe that Trezor Suite is the best solution to manage your crypto assets, but there are some reasons you might choose to use your Trezor with a third-party wallet.

Please keep in mind that we do not develop nor maintain third-party software, so we cannot guarantee their full functionality. However, your private keys are always safely protected by your Trezor device, no matter what third-party application you use it with.
  • Third-party cryptocurrency wallets
  • How does it work?
  • Why use third-party applications?
  • Coin support
  • Extra Features
  • Recovering funds without a Trezor device
  • Third-party wallets
  • Third-party online services


Third-party cryptocurrency wallets

Some third-party wallet interfaces let you connect your Trezor device and work with it. They do not hold any private keys. Instead, they display account balances and help you to manage transactions.

How does it work?

First, your Trezor contains a seed, 12 or 24 words that generate all the keys and addresses associated with your assets. That seed never leaves your device: when a transaction needs to be signed, the transaction data is sent into your Trezor, signed offline, and then passed back out.

Using a third-party app, the exact same thing happens, but rather than Trezor Suite preparing the message data, the third-party app sends the message to your Trezor device. Since the Trezor can only accept a specific format, you don’t need to worry too much about which apps or extensions you connect to, as long as you use your Trezor to ensure that the transaction recipient address, amounts, and fees, are correct.

This is where Trezor’s Trusted Display comes in — your Trezor screen will only ever show you the data that will be signed, so if a malicious attacker swaps the address for one of their own, or alters the amounts being sent, your Trezor will let you see that the data is not what you set so you can cancel the transaction.

Why use third-party applications?

Coin support

While there are selection of cryptocurrencies natively supported in Trezor Suite and by Trezor firmware, it is important to note that the majority of coins and tokens are supported via third-party applications. To find out which wallets support your favorite cryptocurrencies, head over to our Supported Coins & Tokens page, where you'll find a complete list of cryptocurrencies that can be safeguarded using your Trezor hardware wallet.

Extra Features
Sometimes third-party applications are needed to access to dApps, staking, and more advanced features like multisignature (Multisig) with your Trezor. Additionally, in emergency situations you can recover your Trezor accounts with a third party application.

Recovering funds without a Trezor device
If your Trezor device gets lost or damaged, you can access your funds using your recovery seed and a third-party wallet. However, this should be used in emergencies only. To keep your funds safe at all times, we recommend getting a new Trezor device to recover your funds.

Third-party wallets
The following table is an example of some third-party wallet interfaces that let you connect your Trezor device and work with it. They do not hold any private keys. Instead, they display balances and help you to manage transactions.
Trezor compatible wallet Basic Setup Personal Wallets Shared Wallets Hidden wallets Multiple accounts Watch-only mode Show on Trezor Update Firmware Wipe device Public source code


Third-party online services

The following websites allow you a secure password-less login with a Trezor device or other great cryptocurrency-related services, e.g., creating invoices from your Trezor accounts. Click on the name of a service for more details.

Service Sign-in with Trezor Direct Transactions with Trezor Sign-up with Trezor Description
Bitstamp     Real time bitcoin exchange.
Coinmate     Real time bitcoin exchange.
Coinmap   Map of bitcoin shops and businesses.
Coinpayments     Payment processor service supporting various cryptocurrencies.     Portfolio manager with an exchange integration.


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