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Trezor Beer Fund

Did we help you beyond your expectations? Resolved your issues quickly? Recovered your coins sent to a wrong address?

We are glad to hear we could assist you!

We decided to listen to your frequent requests and created a few wallets for crypto-donations. Choose your favorite cryptocurrency and donate to the teams that deserve your recognition the most: our Support Team and our Development Team. They do deserve your appreciation, after all.

And what is the best way you can say thanks in Prague? Buying beer, of course!

Send us bitcoin here: 3QmuBaZrJNCxc5Xs7aGzZUK8RirUT8jRKf
Send us Lightning Network bitcoin here: [email protected]
Send us Litecoin here: MCwFeGBkgpqN1vU4Wgs2kWhcFb3Qz6S592
Send us Ethereum here: 0x140E5C635D484f2AAA153d2B7d4c7A945242c21D
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