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Check Backup on Model One

The dry-run recovery is a useful way to test your recovery seed. It is recommended to test your seed before you wipe the Trezor device or before every firmware update. It allows you to double check that your recovery seed backup is correct.

By starting the verification process, you are telling the device that you want to run the recovery process, but you do not want the device to remember the seed. Instead, the device compares the seed saved in its storage and the seed you have just “recovered,” and the result of this comparison is sent to the Wallet interface. If the seeds match, a message on your Trezor device screen will tell you your backup is okay. If it is not the same, then the device screen will show you an error.

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What you’ll need before starting a dry-run recovery:


  • Trezor Model One + connecting USB cable
  • Trezor Suite for Desktop (or you can use Trezor Suite for web)
  • Your completed recovery seed card

Dry-run recovery using Trezor Suite -- step-by-step:

  • Open the Trezor Suite Desktop App (alternatively you can use Trezor Suite for web)
  • Connect your initialized Trezor and enter your PIN
  • In Trezor Suite, go to the Device Settings page, which can be accessed via:
    • The ‘Settings‘ sign in the top-left corner of Suite, then choose ‘Device’ from the menu
    • Click on your Trezor device name in the top-left corner of Suite and select the Settings gear icon, which will take you directly to the ‘Device Settings’ page
  • In the Device Settings menu, navigate to the first set of options named ‘Wallet Backup’ — here you will find the item 'Check backup':
  • In the 'Check backup' window, check the ‘I understand’ box and then click on Start:
  • You will then be prompted to select the number of words in your seed (default for Trezor Model One is 24)
  • Once you’ve selected the number of words in your Recovery Seed, for a regular dry-run you should select the Standard recovery option (view information for advanced recovery):
  • You will then be prompted to enter your PIN:
  • Next, you will be prompted to check your Trezor’s screen, which will tell you the specific word from your seed phrase you must enter. This word can be entered using your computer’s keyboard and/or by scrolling through the list of words using the drop-down menu:
  • Once you’ve entered all of the words in the specified order, you’ll be told to check the screen on your Trezor One, which should display the message “The seed is valid and MATCHES the one in the device”
  • You can then press the 'Confirm' button on the device
  • You will then receive final confirmation that the dry-run recovery was a success:
  • You can then click the 'Close' button, and you’ll be taken back to the Device Settings page in Suite

Incorrect dry-run recovery test

  • if you accidentally select one or more incorrect words, or enter the words in the incorrect sequence, your Trezor One will display the message “The seed is INVALID!”
  • Press the right button to ‘Confirm’ on your Trezor One, and Trezor Suite will then inform you that the dry-run failed
  • Simply click on 'Close' and repeat the process to ensure you have a safe and correct backup of your recovery seed phrase.
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