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Trezor Suite Public keys (XPUB)

In some cases, you might need to display the account public key (XPUB) for your Trezor account. For example, the XPUB can be used to generate watch-only wallets in third-party services, which lets you observe transactions to and from a wallet, as well as the total balance, without being able to sign or send transactions.

Be careful handling your account public keys. When you expose these to a third party, they can see your entire transaction history.

To see the XPUB of your account:

  • Plug in your Trezor and open the Trezor Suite desktop app or web app
  • Select the desired account from the sidebar menu
  • Then select the the Details tab, and click on Show public key:

Trezor Suite will now display your XPUB both as a QR code and as text:
  • The XPUB can be copied or scanned into any application that supports XPUBs.
  • You can then keep track of your transactions and balances and receive payments on the go, without needing to have your Trezor with you.
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