shamir backup

This new security standard, Shamir Backup, counteracts the two greatest risks involved with protecting your recovery seed: theft and destruction.

How it works


Choose how many recovery shares you want to generate, and decide how many of them you want to use for recovery.


Distribute those shares however you want, among people and/or secure locations.


Sleep peacefully knowing that your private keys are secured by Shamir Backup, safe from theft or accident.

Innovating existing standards and driving progress in the security field is our commitment.
— Marek “Slush” Palatinus, CEO SatoshiLabs

Single Backup vs. Shamir Backup

Single Backup


Shamir Backup

Even safer!

Master Seed

A single recovery seed

Up to 16 recovery shares

Seed Words

12, 18 or 24 word recovery seed

20 or 33 words in each share


Easy to manage

Choose your threshold


Indepen­dent control of recovery seed

Administrative control of master seed


Auto­nomous control of assets

Autonomous control of assets


Secure offline backup of private keys

Secure offline backup of private keys

Extra Security

Eliminated risk of theft or loss

Shamir Backup is considered to be a revolutionary development which may usher in a new era of hardware wallet security altogether.
— JP Buntinx, The Merkle Hash

Got questions?

How is Shamir Backup different from the single recovery seed backup?

Shamir Backup lets you generate up to 16 recovery shares - sequences of 20 or 33 words. Single backup recovery seeds consist of 12, 18, or 24 words.

Shamir Backup also uses a different wordlist than the BIP-39 recovery seeds. In other words, some of the words used in Shamir backup recovery shares are never used in single seed backups and vice-versa.

Is Shamir Backup available for Trezor One?

Shamir Backup is currently available only for Trezor Model T.

What happens if some of the shares get lost or stolen?

Shamir Backup offers a significant advantage compared to the single recovery seed. Individual shares do not leak any information about the shared secret, as long as the number of compromised shares does not reach the required threshold. In other words, if you use a 7-of-10 scheme and 5 of your shares get compromised, the attacker has no chance to reconstruct your wallet and cause trouble.

What happens if I lose so many recovery shares that I can’t meet the required threshold?

If you can’t meet the required threshold, your wallet will become unrecoverable. For example: if you use a 3-of-4 scheme, where 3 is the required threshold to recover the wallet, and you lose 2 or more of the recovery shares, your wallet will be unrecoverable.

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