Use FIDO2 with Trezor Model T

The only FIDO2-compatible device with a touchscreen display.

FIDO2 authentication types



You'll never have to enter your passwords again when you use Trezor Model T as a FIDO2 security key to log in to supported services and platforms. Protect your credentials by storing them safely in the Trezor environment. Model T is the only FIDO2 compatible device in the world which allows you to choose and confirm your login identity directly on its display and touchscreen.

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Two-factor authentication

You can counter phishing attacks and prevent identity theft by using a Trezor Model T as the second factor in a two-factor authentication scheme (2FA). Protect your data by hiding it behind a reinforced layer of security, an upgrade from the previous version of FIDO, the U2F standard.


Multi-factor authentication

If you need even stronger security, you can use a Model T for multi-factor authentication. This leaves your data safely stored behind three layers. Every time you log in you will enter your credentials, then enter the PIN on your Model T, and then manually confirm the login on the touchscreen of your device. Your sensitive information will never be exposed to a third party or leaked to a potentially unsafe computer.

What is FIDO2?what

FIDO2 is an open-source authentication standard created by the FIDO Alliance The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association developing and promoting authentication standards that help reduce the world's dependence on passwords. which enables users of Trezor Model T to easily authenticate logins to supported online services and platforms, without needing to enter any sensitive credentials. With FIDO2, users can set up their Trezor Model T as a device for storing their credentials Device-resident credentials are credentials such as usernames and passwords that are stored within the safe environment of the Trezor Model T. for passwordless logins, and for two-factor or multi-factor authentication.

How does it work?how

FIDO2 works with supported online services or platforms that allow the user to set Trezor Model T as their FIDO security key. All you need to do to enable FIDO2 is set your Model T as a FIDO security key A FIDO security key is any hardware device that works as an authentication key in a FIDO U2F scheme. on the online service you wish to use. FIDO2 works with some of the most popular services such as Github, Dropbox, Microsoft Live, and Binance.

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