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Save bitcoin (DCA) in Trezor Suite

Save in bitcoin with scheduled buys direct to your Trezor. Set a fixed amount to buy every week, fortnight or month and build your bitcoin savings gradually without worrying about the price.

The new Bitcoin savings plan is our name for what’s known as “Dollar-cost averaging” (DCA), a savings strategy where you buy a fixed dollar or euro amount at a fixed frequency, to reduce exposure to price volatility.

This new feature has been brought to Trezor Suite by Invity, and is provided by Swan Bitcoin in the USA (except Hawaii, New York, and South Dakota) and BTC Direct in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Registration is required to use the service.
SatoshiLabs does not directly facilitate trading your cryptocurrencies. The service providers integrated into the Save DCA feature are third-parties carefully selected and vetted by Invity, another SatoshiLabs company.

Third-party service providers may, and usually will ask for personal identification and sensitive information to comply with AML/KYC regulations. You can review a full list of Invity’s providers along with their associated fees here.

How to Save in Bitcoin

You can start saving today by opening Trezor Suite and looking for the Save Bitcoin button under the Trade menu of your bitcoin account. All it takes to set up is to select how much you want to spend, and how often.

After a quick registration process with one of the service providers, your buys will be automatically executed at the frequency you choose, until you stop payments. Your bitcoin will be sent directly to an address that only you control, so you don’t need to worry about withdrawal fees or trusting a third-party custodian with your money.

1. Choose an Account

In Trezor Suite open the Accounts tab, choose an existing account or create a new one. You will need to register this account with Invity in step 2 in order to use the Save Bitcoin feature.

Click Trade then Save Bitcoin.

Set the frequency and amount to buy then click Confirm setup.

2. Register your account

You will be taken to Invity to set up an account, use your Trezor hardware wallet to log in.

Only addresses from the account chosen in step 1 will be used for receiving saved bitcoin. Other accounts created by your Trezor are never available to service providers.

Complete the verification as required by Invity’s partners. Confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Document verification is required to use DCA. Learn how to buy bitcoin without KYC.

3. Schedule your Savings

  1. Back in Trezor Suite, confirm your receiving address and payment information.
  2. Complete your bitcoin savings plan setup by creating a standing order in your banking application based on the provided payment information.
  3. Your savings will be sent directly to the address you chose, safe on your physical Trezor device.
  4. You can review and change your DCA settings at any time in your  Save  dashboard in Trezor Suite.
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