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Trezor Legacy Bundle
Trezor Legacy Bundle Inside Box
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Trezor Legacy Bundle

Add the strength of the gods to your Trezor hardware wallet with the Cryptotag Zeus titanium seed plate, providing indestructible backup protection for your financial assets.

1 x
Trezor Model T
1 x
Cryptotag Zeus Cryptotag Zeus


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What's inside

Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T

Coin security with a touchscreen
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Cryptotag Zeus
Cryptotag Zeus

Cryptotag Zeus

Titanium Seed Recovery Plate


For the mortals

This epic promo combines the power of the most popular crypto hardware wallet with the divine seed protection of none other than Zeus himself. With this unbeatable combo, keep your assets safe and secure from zealous crypto thieves, device loss, and unexpected events.

Stay resilient

A paper card backup system provides a foundation for securing your seed, but relying solely on it poses risks. A piece of paper can be easily misplaced, destroyed, or accidentally thrown away. The titanium-strong Zeus seed plate is ready for every situation. So even if the world ends in a fiery inferno, your recovery seed will survive unscathed.

Guarantee your legacy

Immortalize your wealth by storing your recovery seed on the Cryptotag Zeus to ensure your crypto is protected for the future. Use the Trezor Legacy bundle to pass on an inheritance, safeguard your family wealth, or keep your assets safe for a rainy day.

Be smart

If you're serious about securing your crypto assets and want to ensure consistent access to them, it's time to get the Trezor Legacy bundle. Don't leave your financial future to chance - be smart and take charge with this ultimate solution.

What’s in the box?

1x Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet

1x Cryptotag Zeus titanium seed recovery plate