Cryptotag Zeus
Protect your recovery seed with this virtually indestructible 6mm thick titanium backup system. With the new number punch system you can easily record up to 24 BIP39 recovery words that back up your cryptocurrency hardware wallet in five minutes, and HODL in peace forever.
Resistant up to 3050 F
Safeguard coin data
Easily protect seeds


Cryptotag Zeus

The Zeus has been tested at temperatures up to 3050 °F (1667 °C), put under a pneumatic hammer, and shot with a 9mm round. No matter what happens to your hardware wallet, your recovery seed is safe and sound thanks to Cryptotag. This is for the HODLers.


What is Cryptotag Zeus?

Cryptotag Zeus is the latest titanium backup solution from Cryptotag, designed to protect your recovery seed from damage. Easily record up to 24 BIP39-compatible recovery seed words and protect the backup of your hardware wallet private keys. The 6mm thick bulletproof, waterproof titanium Zeus is resistant to temperatures of up to 3050 °F (1667 °C) and all kinds of high pressure testing including pneumatic hammers.


Why do I need a Cryptotag?

Your recovery seed is the only way to recover your crypto if anything happens to your hardware wallet. Instead of storing your recovery seed on a fragile piece of paper that could easily be destroyed or lost, you can store it in a virtually indestructible Cryptotag Zeus. No matter what happens to your cryptocurrency wallet, the Zeus ensures that you can always recover your crypto by protecting your recovery seed.


How does the Cryptotag work?

The Zeus is compatible with the BIP39 recovery seed word list. Write down your recovery seed on the included conversion sheet, and then look for each word in the numbered BIP39 word list online or use the included list in the setup guide. Write down the corresponding number next to each word on the conversion sheet. You should have a list of four-digit numbers when you finish. Use the included center punch to permanently engrave each number into the titanium plates that make up the Zeus. In a matter of minutes, you have the last backup solution you will ever need.



4.4 in x 2.7 in (113 mm x 68 mm) / 7.4 oz (210 g)



BIP39 recovery seeds



Aerospace grade Titanium

Includes 2 titanium plates

1 x Cryptotag Zeus


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