Little Trezor HODLer
Little Trezor HODLer
Little Trezor HODLer
Little Trezor HODLer
Safeguard your Trezor hardware wallet with the softest crypto friend you'll ever have—the Little Trezor HODLer. Cute, snuggly, and simply adorable, the Little Trezor HODLer plush toy is the practical way to store your hardware wallet and make the process of safeguarding your crypto assets feel less intimidating and more enjoyable.


Friends don't let friends stack sats on their own. And Little Trezor is a very loyal friend! He not only owns the snuggliest, cuddliest hardware wallet you'll ever see, but he's ready to HODL his own keys alongside you, straight from your living room.

There's no need to be intimidated by self-custody. If Little Trezor can do it, you can too!

And if you ever wonder where to store your own Trezor, Little Trezor has got you covered with his Trezor-ception Trezor pocket on the back of his cuddly Trezor.

Little HODLer care instructions:

Hand-wash only

Do not dry-clean
Do not iron
Do not tumble-dry
Do not bleach