Trezor Lanyard - Green
Hang on to your bitcoin wallet wherever you go, with this premium adjustable Traffic Green lanyard for the Trezor Model One hardware wallet and Trezor Model T silicone case.


Premium Adjustable Trezor Lanyard Traffic Green
Trezor lanyards are made of soft polyester and feel great to wear. Each lanyard has a movable Trezor strap adjuster label, so you can easily tighten or loosen the straps by moving it forward or backward. Lanyards can be used for all sorts, we recommend attaching it directly to your Trezor Model One, or to your Trezor Model T Silicone case cover, to make it easier to keep track of your hardware wallet, to carry it on your wrist or to hang your Bitcoin somewhere safe.

Total Length 23 cm (18 cm without the loop)

Lanyard Diameter 3 mm

Works great with

• Trezor Model T silicone case cover
• also works with Trezor Model One itself
• and also together with Model One in silicone case cover.

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