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Finally in your hands! Now, it's time for 3 simple steps before you setup your device.


Learn how PIN works.

PIN protects your TREZOR from unauthorized access. Use at least 4 different numbers. Try to avoid simple PINs as '1234'.

During the TREZOR setup, you will enter your new PIN twice. Notice that the numbers shown on TREZOR change between the entries.

Learn more about PIN


Understand the recovery seed.

Recovery Seed is the 24-word long recovery phrase, with which you can restore your wallet, in case of theft or loss. It is absolutely crucial to write down the seed! The recovery seed will be generated for you during the setup of your TREZOR.

Never make a digital copy of your recovery seed and never upload it online. Keep your recovery seed in a safe place. TREZOR cannot be held liable for financial losses incurred through the client’s improper care of sensitive information.

Learn more about Recovery

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You will be redirected to TREZOR Wallet to setup your device.