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Bitcoin wallet of my choice.

Quick setup.

Get your TREZOR ready within minutes in a completely private, registration-free process.

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Use with ease.

Using TREZOR is easy. Just follow the instructions on the display and click the button to confirm important actions.

Lost? Restore.

No worries, use your secret words to quickly regain access to all your keys, money, history, accounts and emails.

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TREZOR Wallet in hand

TREZOR as a Bitcoin wallet.

The most trusted and secure way to store your bitcoins. Isolate your private keys into the safety of TREZOR and enjoy Bitcoin without risk. The best protection at no cost to your convenience.

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Trusted by Bitcoin businesses.

Leading security by design.

Advanced cryptography, reliable hardware, simple interface. All in perfect cooperation.

TREZOR is wallet for bitcoin as well as security device

Small and Sturdy

Fits into your palm.
Tamper-proof, water-resistant and extremely durable.


We removed everything that could be easily hacked.

Trust your own eyes

Check important transaction details before you confirm.
This display will always tell you the truth.

Trust your own hands

Everything important needs your direct physical approval.

Powerful Cryptography

TREZOR uses and creates the most advanced standards in cryptography and Bitcoin.

Endorsed by experts.

Loved by thousands of users all over the World.

Balaji S. Srinivasan, PhD

CEO and Cofounder, 21

TREZOR is a pioneering hardware wallet, and a great way to store your digital currency locally.

Pamela Morgan

CEO Third Key Solutions LLC

With TREZOR you don't need to be a security expert to have expert level security.

Jon Matonis


Hardware wallets have become the standard for secure, long-term bitcoin storage. Trezor is the gold standard for hardware wallets.

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Technical specification.

We trimmed away everything that could be hacked and focused on powerful hardware features and software logic.

CPU120 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex-M3)

ScreenBright OLED - 128x64 pixels

Size60mm x 30mm x 6mm
(2.4 x 1.2 x 0.2 in)

Weight12g (0.42 oz)

Temp-20°C to +60°C
(-4°F - +140°F)

Shape of TREZOR security device

ConnectionMicro USB to desktop or mobile

DesktopWindows, macOS, Linux


CertifiedCE and RoHS certified (quality, reliability and environmental standards)

Shape of TREZOR security device

Developers, come along!

Interested in online security and privacy? Care to make the digital world a better place? Join our open network of security experts and programmers.

Learn. Collaborate. Innovate.

Join us and work on top-notch global projects related to Bitcoin and security. Become a part of our team resposible for several influential projects that marked milestones in the Bitcoin world. We love to work with talented and enthusiastic developers, marketers or designers.

We are ambitious pioneers of technology, who strive to bring cryptography to the masses! Innovation is our engine; never-ending research and development keeps us at the top. Our aim is to understand and deliver secure yet easy-to-use solutions to real problems. We create and foster our open-source cryptography environment, the “TREZOR ecosystem,” for which we continuously develop flagship applications.

Convinced by our values.

Meet our team.

Our team features some of the most recognized Bitcoin and security experts, a dedicated support team, as well as the most qualified Jack Russell in the world.


Door Supervisor

Marek "Slush" Palatinus


Pavol "Stick" Rusnak


Peter "Buly" Bulak


Jochen Hoenicke


Jan Pecinovsky


Katerina Nemeckova


Jan Pochyla


Karel Bilek


Peter Jensen


Vojtech Cerny


Karel Bencic


Bach Nguyen


Tomas Bosansky


Daria Roik


Dorian Podulka


Jakub Seidl


Jan Kovarik


Marek Blahuta


Michaela Hertusova


Martin Sip


Szymon Lesisz