PanzerGlass™ Privacy T
Give your Trezor Model T hardware wallet touchscreen an added layer of security and protection. The easy-to-apply PanzerGlass™ protective layer is made of durable, reinforced glass with a polarized filter layer stopping anyone but you from seeing your screen while in use. Enhance your financial security and extend the life of your Trezor Model T hardware wallet with this easy and affordable upgrade.


PanzerGlass™ Privacy T

Protect your Trezor Model T screen from scratches and damage while increasing privacy. Extend the life of your Trezor Model T with the PanzerGlass™ touchscreen cover custom-made by the industry leader in protective tempered glass. The cover is made from reinforced glass that ensures your screen is guarded against scratches and unexpected hits when in the real world.

Enhanced with a polarized filter, the touchscreen cover adds a layer of privacy by blocking your screen from onlookers. Whether on public transportation or in a crowded cafe, your Trezor screen is only clearly visible when viewed directly straight on so you can Trezor your coins with confidence. The security layer also blocks light rays from traveling in other directions, reducing glare so you can easily use your device in all lighting conditions.

Each screen protector is coated with an oleophobic layer creating a consistent and flawless touchscreen experience mirroring the original responsiveness of your Trezor. The layer is anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint, keeping your Trezor screen clean and clear. The screen cover is compatible with Trezor silicone cases for maximum protection.

Installing the PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protector on your Trezor is straightforward. You can easily do it yourself by following the included application guide. 

Protect your screen and increase privacy with the 2-in-1 PanzerGlass™ Privacy T.

What's in the box?

1x PanzerGlass™ Privacy T

1x Wet wipe

1x Microfiber cloth