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Manage Cryptocurrencies

Trezor Suite

If it's related to managing your cryptocurrencies, it's probably in Trezor Suite. Label your accounts, sign and verify messages, instantly exchange between different cryptocurrencies, and more. Store and manage your business funds directly within the Trezor interface.


If you need to handle company funds, transfer large amounts of money, or oversee group projects by using a secure multisignature scheme, you can use one or more Trezor devices as part of your multisig structure; for example, when 3 out of 5 signatures are needed to confirm a transaction or to move company funds.

Shamir Backup

Shamir Backup is a method of splitting the recovery seed into multiple unique shares. To recover the wallet, a specified number of shares has to be entered on the device.

Trezor Connect

This open-source API lets you make withdrawals and deposits directly from the secure environment of your Trezor. No need to risk having your clipboard hacked; with Trezor Connect, you no longer need to copy/paste your address for a transaction.

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Authenticate users

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Two-factor authentication

If you want something more secure than a username and password, you can use Trezor as a hardware token for two-factor authentication. Create an additional layer of authentication - ownership - by letting your users confirm their login on Trezor. Need even more advanced security? Trezor Model T comes with support for FIDO U2F, WebAuthn, and FIDO2.

OS login

Bring the convenience and security of Trezor to your workplace devices. Use a Trezor device to log in to any Linux or MacOS computer with the push of a single button.

Trezor Connect

Trezor’s open-source API can be implemented to allow passwordless logins with Trezor to internal systems, websites and more.

SSH keys

Perform secure SSH logins by using Trezor as your SSH agent to generate child keys from the private key that never leaves the Trezor device. Your private keys will be protected from any security breach.

Signed Git commits

Trezor can be used to sign Git commits using GPG keys. You can guarantee that the code in your repositories was truly made by the people trusted by both you and your users.

Manage passwords

Manage passwords

Trezor Password Manager

Use TPM to generate complex passwords, store them in Drive or Dropbox, and organize them with an efficient labeling system. With a couple clicks and the push of a button, your device will decrypt a single password at a time; no master password required for access.

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Encrypt / Decrypt

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GPG keys

Trezor can generate ECDSA GPG keys used for various purposes such as encrypting emails, files, GIT repositories, and more.

Encrypted emails

Securely send encrypted company emails and use a Trezor to encrypt and decrypt using GPG keys generated by the device.

Encrypted Git

Trezor can be used to encrypt whole Git repositories using GPG keys. This feature is ideal for closed-source projects which do not have self-hosted Git repositories - even your Git hosting company doesn’t have to know what you’re working on.

Encrypted files

With Trezor, you can encrypt files or file systems on local drives, USB drives, cloud storage, and more.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Trezor can do exactly what you want it to, enabling you to get the most ideal benefits for your use case. You can choose, plan, and develop the firmware according to your enterprise's needs. Or you can depend on an out-of-the-box product from us.

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Let’s get in touch and discuss your company needs

Tell us what you need to solve and we will tell you how Trezor can help!

Frequently asked questions

Is Trezor open-source?

Yes! It’s not only open-source software and firmware, but it’s also fully open-source hardware, so you can verify that it does what we say it does. It also means you can build custom solutions on top of the features developed by us, or you can write your own code from scratch.

How is Trezor different from software solutions?

Trezor is open-source security hardware dedicated to keeping your secrets safe. When using software solutions, you have to trust not only the developers of the software but also the manufacturers of the hardware the applications run on. They are responsible for keeping everything updated, promising that no malware infected the OS, and making sure that no virus is able to steal your data.

In the case of Trezor, no malware is able to physically confirm any action on the device on your behalf, because all private keys are safely stored in the device, which means operating systems and applications can’t extract them.

How is Trezor different from other hardware tokens?

The main difference is that a Trezor has a Trusted Display, where you can easily verify the details of the action performed (i.e. login, two-factor authentication, transactions, etc.).

Because the display on Trezor T is also touch-sensitive, you can enter all sensitive information such as the PIN etc. directly on the screen and you don’t need to type it on the computer.

How is Trezor backed up?

There are three ways:

1] Recovery seed - suitable for individuals or small operations. Twelve or twenty-four words per device need to be stored safely; all private keys can be recovered from those words.

2] Recovery shares - Trezor supports Shamir Backup, a way to decentralize the physical backup of your private keys by creating up to 16 recovery shares, instead of a single recovery seed.

3] Seedless setup - suitable for larger companies and enterprises with identity management systems incorporated. This option doesn’t call for writing down a recovery seed; only public keys are used to identify the Trezor. In case of loss, public keys from a new Trezor can be used to replace the old ones.

Let’s get in touch and discuss your company needs

Tell us what you need to solve and we will tell you how Trezor can help!