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8 Tips for Contacting Trezor Support

1. Take a look at FAQ and User Manual.

We’ve recently encountered plenty of low-level issues and Bitcoin 101 questions. The aim of Trezor Support Team is to help our customers under all circumstances. But if you desire to learn more and it feels like really basic information, please try to find your answer online first. FAQ or manual pages are the perfect places to start your journey.

2. Use basic techniques of troubleshooting.

Did you try to connect your Trezor with a different cable? How about trying to replicate the issue in different browsers? Is there a problem with the internet connection? Those are one of the basic questions which we might ask you once you submit a ticket. You can take the first step ahead of us.

3. Go through our troubleshooter before contacting support.

The Troubleshooter is an amazing, powerful and interactive tool where you can learn how to find details about your order or how to fix common issues. If it does not provide you with an answer, it reroutes you to a contact form and assists you with ticket submission.

4. Being brief is the key.

If you would like your ticket to be resolved faster, please do not include irrelevant information, it becomes harder to find the key data in an essay.
Pro tip: Say hi first and then write in bullet points.

5. If possible, provide as many details as you can.

Be brief, but provide us with as many details about your system as possible, like your OS, browser type, and firmware version. Sending this information in advance can drastically decrease the time needed to isolate the issue. Don’t forget to specify if you are using the Chrome extension or Trezor Bridge. Also, it would be helpful if you could sum up all the steps that you have tried.

6. Do not submit more than one ticket for your issue.

Submitting more tickets will not get our immediate attention. Same goes for unnecessary additional updates within the same ticket. Our Support Specialist would need to sort through all the relevant information and find their way around your ticket. Moreover, by sending an additional message to our Support Team, you are “updating” your ticket, which puts it back at the end of the queue.
For security reasons, we cannot open any unsolicited attachments. Please do not send any logs, screenshots or archives if we haven’t asked for them.

7. Be nice.

Please take a deep breath before contacting us. We definitely understand that the crypto world can be really stressful and it is absolutely understandable that you can lose your temper if you suddenly cannot access your funds. But please stay civil. Our team is composed of professionals and very dedicated crypto enthusiasts. They are doing their best to help you out and being rude will not help. On the contrary, it could distract them from assisting you.

8. Ask the community.

Fun fact — 99,5% of the issues are not unique and there is a good chance that someone already had the same problem, shared it and already found a solution! Use search in our subreddit before starting a new thread.

We hope that together we can make the Trezor experience even more comfortable for you. Thank you very much!

Your Trezor Support Team