€50 Voucher + Start Guide
Get started with Bitcoin with this easy-to-use Trezor Quick-start Guide with €50 Voucher. No prior experience or knowledge necessary - getting into crypto has never been easier!


Quick-start Guide

This straight-forward guide from Trezor and Invity contains seven quick steps showing how to create unique, secure keys, how to back up against loss or theft, and how to safely buy crypto direct to self-custody. 

Coinify Gift Voucher

Make the most of your first crypto purchase with a €50 Coinify gift voucher. To redeem the voucher, simply do the following: 


  • Select the cryptocurrency of your choice through the Trade menu in the free Trezor Suite app interface.
  • Buy a minimum of €60 worth of cryptocurrency for credit/debit card purchases or €75 for bank transfers.
  • When completing the purchase, use the gift voucher code at checkout to increase the total amount of cryptocurrency you receive by €50. 
  • The crypto you bought, plus the €50 extra, is sent directly to your Trezor hardware wallet for safe keeping. 


Please note, the Coinify voucher is non-refundable and is valid until 31/03/2024, Coinify is only available in certain regions.