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Cryptosteel Capsule Duo
Cryptosteel Capsule Pieces
Cryptosteel Capsule Duo Pieces
Cryptosteel Capsule Duo Set
Cryptosteel Capsule Duo view
Cryptosteel Capsule Set
Cryptosteel Capsule Hand
Technical specs

Device size & weight

Size: 60x30x6 mm (2.4x1.2x0.2 in)

Weight: 12 g (0.42 oz)


Bright OLED - 128x64 pixels. Enough to hold six lines of text. Can display all the details needed to verify a transaction on a single screen.

Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)


Micro USB connector for plugging into the computer or mobile phone.

Safety & certifications

All Trezor devices are CE and RoHS certified meeting all quality, reliability, and environmental standards. Trezors are not affected by X-ray machines and can be safely taken on airplanes.


120 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex M3) running a custom developed system.

Box content

What's in the box?

Model One

Micro USB cable

2x Recovery seed card

Trezor stickers

Cryptosteel Capsule Duo

Secure your crypto seed phrases for the long term with a steel recovery seed backup. Protect your bitcoin keys against natural disasters and corrosion. Store up to 246 characters with this pair of solid metal capsules, and secure two 24-word BIP39 recovery seeds, or as many as five 12-word hardware wallet backup seeds split across both capsules.


In stock

Key features

Ultimate security
Shamir Backup support
Shamir Backup provides a unique mechanism for backing up your seed by distributing custodianship (or shares) among a number of trusted parties in a manner that can prevent loss even if one or a few of those parties become compromised.
Seed protection
The Capsule kit comes with a randomized set of 800 tiles that include all printable ASCII characters. Store up to 123 characters by stacking the character tiles and separators on the core and then secure with a stainless steel fastener.
Resistant up to 2500 °F
The Capsule’s stainless steel design is made for a tough world. Created to take a beating and keep going–shockproof, waterproof, and fireproof in temperatures up to 2500 °F (1400 °C).



Cryptosteel Capsule Duo

Use one steel capsule for your recovery seed and one for your passphrase - each hidden in different places - or use them together for a split, distributed SLIP39 Shamir backup: two capsules is enough for a secure 2-of-2 or 1-of-2 recovery scheme.


Upgrade your hardware wallet backups from paper to steel

Cryptosteel capsules bring peace of mind and keep your seeds protected for years to come. The sleek, steel build will resist corrosion and damage, letting you hide them safely in most any environment. The solid metal design is safe even in extreme conditions, preserving sensitive data offline against fire, floods and other threats.


How do cryptosteel recovery seed backups work?

Cryptosteel capsules use stamped metal letter tiles which are threaded on a steel core. Each word is separated by adjustable separators (included). Using only the first four letters of each seed word as specified by BIP39, this pair of capsules supports 246 characters, so you can split and distribute two shares of a simple Shamir backup, store multiple 24 or 12-word recovery seeds, or get more capsules to use in a more secure 3-of-5 Shamir distributed backup scheme. 

The full tile set includes all ASCII characters, supporting high entropy passwords or passphrases using numbers and symbols, as well as the full list of BIP39 and SLIP39 seed words. Once your seed or other secrets are stored in the capsules, they should be hidden in a safe place until needed. To recover the seeds and restore access to your funds, simply unscrew the capsules and read the words - there is no need to remove the tiles once fixed in place, though you can always swap them for a new seed if needed. 


How does Shamir backup work for securing cryptocurrencies?

Shamir backup , or Shamir’s secret-sharing, provides a better mechanism for backing up secrets by splitting a secret (such as a recovery seed) into multiple shares which must be combined to restore the secret. A minimum threshold of shares must be reached to reveal the secret. For example, you might need 3 out of 5 shares to restore your wallet. Having two shares does not compromise the security at all, while splitting a BIP39 seed would make it easier to bruteforce.



4.0 in x 0.6 in (102 mm x 16 mm)/ 1 lb 6 oz (730 g)



Stainless steel

Shell made of AISI 303

Core, separators, fasteners and character tiles made of AISI 304







What's in the box?

2 x Cryptosteel Capsule containers

1 x Tile set (>1400 tiles)

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